In compliance with State Law (5 ILCS 140/4), we are required to post specific information regarding the cooperative as part of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements. This information is included in the space below. If the information you are seeking is not found in these or other documents posted on this website, you may request copies of existing documents using the FOIA request form below to inspect records.

A.E.R.O. Special Education Cooperative’s procedures for handling FOIA requests are found in the Freedom of Information Act Policy – Access to District Public Records Policy 2:250.

A request for inspection and/or copies of public records must be made in writing and may be submitted through our FOIA request form below. All requests for inspection and copying shall immediately be forwarded to the District’s Freedom of Information Officer or designee.

Sharon Dybas
FOIA Officer

Details regarding the Illinois Freedom of Information Act provisions may be found in the Guide to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, prepared by the Office of Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

FOIA Request Form

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